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Isnin, 19 April 2010

Khasiat manjakani

My whole look of marble and berpuru (like toad skin .. he he). To women who are married and the new birth, the parents often provide seed manjakani time in confinement. If for the food, my total would be boiled and skin removed. Content will be in tablet Human-Human and eat with rice.

If you eat cam tu je, it seems that many eyes will be round for bitter!. Do I put in a little rice and swallow if you want to secure: 0

It's also the way in which eating the fruit and put in telan.Pun okay jugak not affected because the throat when swallowing.

Manjakani fruit was also good in women's intimate cleansing wash. If you want a real, after washing boiled intimately with the stock (if the water tu dah la ye warm). Good to avoid infection. At the same time narrow the vagina for women.

Similarly, if these were Talaud .. grit one pot and take a little closer to the sweep in the intimate. Parents said it cemented the vagina and is the easiest way without having to buy a cream or lotion.

Now my intimacy of products and health drinks based on fruit manjakani women. Can be said of all the internal health of a woman drinks contain high nutritional manjakani for. One of them is the Angel of health drinks that I promote on the website

Understand-understand ajelah many female tissues are damaged as a result of childbirth. There will also be able to treat the disease manjakani white, wounds after delivery and helps to prevent cancer (the disease women fear the most at).

In the often difficult problem of waste water is also very good because manjakani contains high fiber.

In women who are married and busy work day, you are encouraged to take the women's inner health drink containing manjakani. Not only does it help provide energy, but also help us in intimate relationships with partners.

Wow long post today .. my morning time I close it and I want to find the income tax form last year because not submit again ni .. I really do not like to fill most ni ;)

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